A time to weep, now a time to laugh at The Oklahoma City Abstract & Title in Edmond

EDMOND —It has been a conflicting season for Amber Dixon Patterson, the new president of family-owned The Oklahoma City Abstract & Title Co.: a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance, as Ecclesiastes puts it.

Patterson, 40, has taken leadership of the company, a joyous occasion, after a time of mourning for her sister, Dee Dee Dixon Rund, who died on Christmas Eve after a yearlong illness. Rund, who had leukemia, served as president until the end, with Patterson, sister Shelli Dixon Reid and their mother, C.R. Dixon, on the board of directors.

The sisters represent the fourth generation of family ownership of the company, which is headquartered at 1000 W 15th St. in Edmond, and founded in 1907, just before Oklahoma became a state.

There were dark days last year, even as the company grew. But in a recent interview withThe Oklahoman , Patterson said the future is bright.

Q: The company is very much a family operation. Has that made it less difficult or more difficult to deal with the passing of your sister? How so?

A: Goodness, this is a tough question. I have to say it has been both more and less difficult to handle the passing of my sister Dee Dee, since we worked together. Let me explain: It is more difficult because we worked so closely with one another for many years. We even shared an office from 1999-2006, and when I moved into an office next to hers in 2006, we built a doorway joining the two spaces which was rarely shut.

We (mom, C.R. Dixon, and other sister Shelli Dixon Reid) miss her physical presence at work very much because we spent so much time together on a daily basis, and we can no longer ask her for input on business situations. But, I think it makes it less difficult all the same because there is a “part” of her that will always be here and because I have my mom, Shelli and all the employees at work that cared so

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much about her.

Q: Why is the work of The Oklahoma City Abstract & Title Co. important, and for whom?

A: Our work is important because we help protect the ownership and mortgage interests of all those dealing in real property in our state. By furnishing title evidence, real estate closing services and title insurance products, we help ensure that all homeowners, lenders, Realtors and property investors have all the information and protection they need in every real property transaction.

Q: The Oklahoma City Abstract & Title Co. is just older than the state of Oklahoma. What's your favorite family story from its 104-year history?

A: It would be how my mom and dad met in the mid-60s. She came to work here as an escrow officer from another company, and they developed ideas and implemented them to set us apart from our competitors. They were a great team. Eventually she and my dad fell in love and got married, and the rest is history.

Q: Quick: What's your favorite song? Car? Color? Website? Book? Store?

A: Car: 2011 Toyota Sequoyah, white. Song: Black Eyed Peas, “Little Bit.” Website: www.OKCABSTRACT.com. Book: Really? It would have to be one of John Maxwell's. Store: I loooove (good) gas stations! (It's a long story.) Anyone that knows me knows that I love gas stations. I think it would be awesome to have a gas station that carries Arbonne products and has a full-service salon in it — that way you could get your car worked on while you get your hair or nails done.

Q: Anything you'd like to add?

A: I cannot give enough thanks to our community, clients and friends for their support over the past year, as well as that of our employees. Everyone was amazing with their efforts, both personally and professionally. I look forward to this next chapter in my life and am so blessed having gained so much from the leadership of my father, Joe M. Dixon, and my sister Dee Dee Dixon Rund (and of course my mom) at our family business. The future looks bright!

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