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A bibliography is a list of sources a writer has used, or intends to use, for researching a particular topic. An annotation is a brief description of the content and focus of the work and, usually, a consideration of the work’s usefulness for research in the topic area. One of your assignments for this class requires compiling an annotated bibliography for your own research topic.

Preparing annotations

There are several excellent guides to writing annotated bibliographies online, including Annotated Bibliographies from Purdue and Preparing an Annotated Bibliography from the University of Maryland College Park. Your instructor will advise you on the level of detail appropriate for the annotated bibliography you write for this course. Remember to keep in mind

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as you read your sources what questions you will want to answer in your annotation.

Citing Your Sources

Use the MLA Citation Style. Helpful resources for using the MLA style can be found in Writing Resources, as well as in these two tools:

Citation Management Tools

For your convenience, Harvard Libraries offer citation management tools including RefWorks, EndNote, and Zotero. These optional tools offer a faster way to collect, store, and manage reference information, research notes, and documents. They interface with library catalogs and electronic resources, from which bibliographic data may be exported, and work with your word processor to manage in-text citations and automatically build bibliographies in nearly any format (the addition of annotations by hand is accommodated).

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