I believe I'm not the only who has encountered this renewal fee situation, in fact, mine is still not settle. I signed up for the basic subscription and just like almost every other subscriber, I overlooked the cancellation policy that I have been charged a $39.8 so called renewal fee every month and the amount has accumulated to over $600 now. I have spoken with different agents through live chat but could only receive 5 months refund and left me unanswered with the rest of the overcharges. Agents promised me will escalate to higher management, still have not heard back from anyone since Jan 4. What's even more frustrating is that, the agent said the renewal fee is changed to $9.95 each month as a company courtesy to me, soon enough I realized my credit card was charged this amount immediately. However, based on my subscription, the renewal would not happen until every end of the month. But here we are, I'm

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being mis-charged again! I wrote email to them, got treated as a brand new case, wrote to them again, only got told will hear back as soon as possible. I'm very upset about their services. I still have not heard from them to date.

I strongly suggest that they should remove such renewal policy since it's very misleading and from these reviews, I'm sure I'm not the only one. It does not make sense when the subscribers initially signed for the cheapest plan and then got charged 30x more in each month if they forgot to cancel the plan. I have been inactive and have not used any of their services after the first time use. Cover-Letter-Now is seriously a sneaky company, all of their money are earned from cheating subscribers with hidden terms and conditions that we're not familiar with. NOT RECOMMENDING to anyone, DO NOT subscribe! CANCEL your subscription now if you can! I would rate a zero if I could!

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