Sample Expression of Interest Letter for a Job


A prospecting letter or an expression of interest is not much different from a standard cover letter. The difference is perhaps in the circumstances in which the former is written. Where cover letters are usually written in response to a job ad or a known vacancy, an expression of interest letter just tests the waters to determine if a position might be available.

Letters of interest need to have an enthusiastic tone. Since there isn’t a vacancy that you know of, it will take a whole lot more than standard content to get an employer to notice you. By writing strong content, you can even convince the employer to make a place for you. It has been known to happen. If an employer discovers that you can actually make processes within the company stronger or generate revenues, he will have a great excuse to hire you, even if he doesn’t really need to at that particular point in time.

An expression of interest letter is always accompanied by a resume. You may choose to include other credentials such as reference letters. But a resume is a given. By writing a prospecting / expression of interest letter, you are letting a prospective employer know that you exist and are ready for hire.

What follows is a sample expression of interest letter that may come in use for when you attempt to write one:

Sample Expression of Interest Letter for a Job

Sophia Olsen 653 Maple Street Bean Station, TN

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21414 (000) 254-8502

s.olsen @ email . com

January 21, 2017

Mr. Walter Brooks Hiring Manager The Jones Group 555 Meadow Branch Road

Bean Station, TN 25343

Dear Mr. Brooks:

Over the past few years, I have followed the masterful expansion of The Jones Group, as well as your leadership in clothes retail. Until recently, it was through publications that I followed your company; now, Ella Paten, a friend whom you also know, has confirmed what I believed to be true. You genuinely champion clothes retail, customer services and employee initiative – all of which are values of great importance to me.

I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Tennessee State University. I finished my college career in less than 3 years, while working part time at Cooper’s Clothing Line. Possessing a strong affinity to marketing, I was a successful contributor, even in the part time role.

Owing to hands-on experience in developing and implementing core marketing plans and generating substantial revenues in the process while working at Cooper’s Clothing line, you will find me providing constant and consistent benefit to your company in a marketing manager role. I believe I can explain my qualifications in a more profound manner if we meet in person. I will be in touch with your office after one week to determine if an interview can be arranged at a time convenient for you. If needed, I can be contacted at (000) 254-8502.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sophia Olsen

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