Class Bios A-L

*Note: Bios have been organized alphabetically by last name in high school

Adler, Stuart
Since my days at SSHS ending in June,1963 like many of us,my life has been very fulfilling. There was college,some time spent in the Marine Corps,and the best was marrying my "bride" of 44 years Linda on May 29th,having two wonderful children Cindy and Jeff and five grandchildren David, Michael, Dylan, Alana, and Skylar ranging in age from 12 down to 6.
 Most of my working career was spent in the office products industry as a manufacturers representative for several companies,then as a manufacturer of office office products followed by an office furniture manufacturer. After we sold the companies I started a business brokerage and commercial real estate firm which I have been involved with for the past 14 years.
 In between all of that,my wife and I enjoy traveling, spending time with our family as well as enjoying life in a perfect balance of work and play..........  Email:

Throughout life, many labels get attached. Academic degrees, careers, marriage, parenthood, etc. My new label: Spiderman's Grandfather. This photo went viral in 2012 and is The President's favorite photo of the year. For obvious reasons, it's one of my favorites, as well. South Shore is much changed. I went back a few years ago as part of Chicago's "Principal for a Day" program. The "new" building was a disaster. Everyone much preferred classes in the original building, which looked very much as I remembered it. Now, there's a new, new building. Alexander's Restaurant is a parking lot and many of our other favorite places exist only as memories. Married for 42 years, my wife and I have traveled extensively. We have two accomplished children. Our daughter, mother of two (Spidey's Mom), is an attorney working in Washington DC with the Secretary of Labor. Our son is curator of architecture at the Getty in Los Angeles. His latest show "Overdrive: LA Constructs the future 1940-1990" has enjoyed critical acclaim. On the faculty at UIC, I helped found the College of Urban Sciences, where I taught Land Use Law. Later, I moved to the corporate sector in leading a public affairs team. As an attorney/volunteer I founded Lawyers for the Creative Arts, which for 40+ years has helped low income artists and arts organizations. For 31 years, I've had a consulting practice helping corporations, foundations and wealthy families with their philanthropy and community relations. Sorry I can't join the reunion celebration, but know it will be fun.  Email:

Arkes, Hal  
It’s going to be difficult to summarize 50 years!After graduating SSHS in January of 1963 I attended the U of Illinois at Navy Pier for a half-year. I then enrolled at Carleton College in the fall of ’63. I had enough credits to graduate from SSHS in June of 1962, but I was already one of the youngest members of the January ’63 class, so I chose not to move ahead a half-year. This turned out to be a fateful decision, because the June ’62 males were the last cohort to keep their draft deferments. In 1963 I registered for the draft and also put my name on a looooooooong list of guys who wanted to get into the Army Reserve.In 1967 I went to grad school at the University of Michigan, which was convulsed in political chaos (riots, boycotts, etc.) that pretty much precluded any education. In the summer of ’69 I got a call from the Army Reserve unit on 71st Street telling me that my name had come to the top of their list after 6 years. I opted to join. It was 3:55 PM on June 25, 1969. I found out that had I not joined, I would have been drafted at 4:30 PM. I went to basic training and then to “cook school” to become an Army cook. It was an amazing experience, and it was one of the two most formative experiences of my adult life. South Shore was a good place in which to grow up, but it was not representative of the US population. Thanks to the draft, the Army was a good cross-section of the population, and in basic training I learned a lot about the democracy in which we live. For example, of the 80 or so guys in my platoon, only four had been to college. My platoon consisted of salt-of-the-earth folks whom I would be pleased to have as neighbors and friends. I presume that nearly all of the non-reservists in my platoon went to Viet Nam. From 1972 until 2000 I was a faculty member at Ohio University in the Department of Psychology. I did (and still do) research on judgment and decision making, particularly medical, legal, and economic decision making. In the 1990s I spent 4 years “on leave” working in Washington at the National Science Foundation. This was my second very formative experience; seeing the government up close quickly led me to shift from being liberal to being conservative.In 2000 I moved to Ohio State University, and I retired in 2011. My wife and I travel a lot, often bicycling or hiking in various foreign countries. Since the spring of 2010 we’ve lived in Berlin, Germany for a total of about a year in three different segments of time.

I’m really looking forward to seeing some of my old friends at our 50th, including those whom I saw at the 40th reunion in 2003. Email:

Bachenheimer, Ron 
After high school I followed my brother to the University of Illinois at Navy Pier. Then transferred to Northern Illinois University, where I graduated with a BS in Marketing. Upon graduation I took a job with Carson Pirie Scott. In 1970 I married my wife Iris (Mather '66)she graduated from Michael Rese Hospital, and we were fixed up on a blind date from her patient. In 1972 we moved to Columbus, Ohio with my job and this is where I became a buyer for Gold Circle (Target).  The best part of going to Columbus, Ohio was, this is where my daughter Dena was born. In a nut shell she grew up in Atlanta and went to the University of Georgia, but before this she studied abroad in Israel for a year. And then decided SHE was MOVING to Chicago....funny how life comes full circle. She is currently the manager of Carmichael Steakhouse in the West Loop. In 1975 we moved to Atlanta, GA. where I then took a job with Richs Department store. I stayed in the clothing business for a couple years and then became a specialty ad salesman and finished my career this way.  We have made Atlanta Ga. our home and have been there for 38 years. I have since retired due to complications with diabetes and ending up with a below the knee amputation. I spend my time doing art thru painting, drawing, and clay sculpture at our local community center and I am proud to say some of my artwork has been recognized. It has become very enjoyable and rewarding hobby. 

My wife is an RNCCM specializing in Cancer Case Management Services here in Atlanta she continues to work full time and take good care of me. We are looking very forward to coming "back home" and seeing our family and participating in the reunion to see old faces and young memories. And always remember Ya'll come down to visit us in Georgia.  Email:

Bachenheimer, Steven 
After high school, I followed my older brother’s lead and attended the University of Illinois, first at Navy Pier (with a one semester stint at the brand-new Chicago Circle Campus) and then at the main campus in Champaign-Urbana. I started college with the intension of being a city planner, but after taking a microbiology class for my general college requirements, I switched to Microbiology with chemistry as a minor. I really enjoyed biology with Ms. Coleman at SSHS, so maybe it was pre-ordained! Then it was off to graduate school at the Univ. of Chicago, where I specialized in Virology, and received my Ph.D. in 1972. I spent 3 years in New York, first at Columbia University and then The Rockefeller University as a post-doctoral fellow, continuing my research into the cell biology of virus replication. 

In 1975, I took an academic position as assistant professor of Microbiology and Immunology in the Medical School at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, where I have remained and have risen through the ranks to now, Professor emeritus. UNC is the oldest public institution of higher education in the US, founded in 1791. I maintained an NIH-funded research lab investigating the details of herpes simplex virus replication, training 11 Ph.D. candidates along the way. (We like to say that we don’t have herpes, but we’re working on it!) I closed my lab a few years ago and now primarily spend my professional time teaching virology in graduate, medical and dental microbiology classes, and reviewing research manuscripts for several journals.
Just before starting graduate school I married Paula Mills (SSHS ’64) and our son Aaron (now 40) was born while we were in New York. My daughter Rachel (now 35) came along a few years after coming to Chapel Hill. Paula and I divorced in the early 80’s and a few years later I met Margaret Lee Gray on a blind date, and we married in 1986. I have two stepchildren Aaron (yes, 2 Aarons in the house) and Celia. I’m lucky in that both my children and their spouses, and my granddaughter Adelaide live nearby. Celia and her husband live in New Jersey and Aaron Gray lives in Brooklyn, so we make frequent trips to see them and to spend time enjoying the museum, gallery and restaurant offerings of NYC.

After many years as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher, Peg retired from the local public school system and started her second career as a painter, working in two media, oil and encaustic. We both enjoy the cultural offerings of our University community, traveling, cooking, reading, hiking locally and in the NC mountains, and our yearly week on the NC coast where we gather with our children and Peg’s siblings. We also make excursions to Sarasota FL where my brother Frank (HPHS ’56) has a home, and to Atlanta where my twin brother Ron lives. Email:

After my four fun years at South Shore High and then afterattending the Univ. of Illinois and Roosevelt Univ. I met my wonderful husband Manny and we will be married 48 years in December. We have three sons - David, Jeff, and Bob and three granddaughters, Jazmyn, Caitlyn and Logan. We spent 37 years in New Jersey and are now living in Northern California, which is much closer to two of the boys. We have had a good life with a lot of traveling and enjoy the good life in Calif.

I send my very best to all my old buddies and hope that you all have a great time at the reunion. We were so lucky to have had such a great bunch of friends growing up. Cheers to you all,

Life has been good. I have a partner/spouse of nearly 30 years, Nancy Patton. She and I wake each day amazed by our good fortune and happiness. After coming out at age 32, and dating others for 6 years, I met Nancy. After 20 years together she became a Jew by choice. And after 26 years we were married in Iowa.  We have a small motor home for traveling and spend half the year in a creative, active lesbian community in Florida. It’s like going to camp every winter. Our summer home is in Columbus, Ohio, where we both have lived since graduate school days. I thank Ohio State often for giving me a scholarship, which brought me to the city where I would one day meet the love of my life. We laugh together every day and as often as possible.

Nancy’s career was mainly as a nurse, in hospitals and health departments. Besides patient care jobs, she also did patient education and nursing education. My career involved deaf and hearing impaired children, developmentally disabled children and adults, and public health work as an audiologist. Although we both liked what we did, we decided early retirement would be the best course to take. Nancy loves to garden and travel, to do crosswords and genealogy, and to take things apart to fix them. We love history, libraries, reading and working on our genealogy together. Walking in the woods is a special activity, reminding Nancy of her childhood growing up in a small town with woods next to her house. Looking at the sky is fabulous and we both remember the first time we saw the rings of Saturn. 

We have kept our Ohio home because of Nancy’s huge family. She has 4 living siblings, 13 nieces and nephews and 27 grand nieces and nephews, all living 2 hours away from us. I, on the other hand, had only one brother, Bob, who died at age 58. His son Brian lives in NC with wife Cindy and 2 little boys. Luckily, we can make NC a stop on the way to Florida. The challenging parts of the last decades involved our being caregivers to my mother, Nancy’s mother, Nancy’s youngest brother and my brother’s 58 year old second wife. I was only 52 when I retired, but it was the exact time my mother’s dementia reached the point where she needed to move to Ohio to be cared for. And then the others’ illnesses followed in close succession. Caring for Nancy’s family involved a lot of driving up and down the highway in what seemed like an endless loop. This wasn’t an easy time, but we felt lucky to be able to provide the care we did. And it certainly didn’t hurt that Nancy was a nurse!  Email:

  I have been married to Dr. Steve Marshall for 46 years, and have a son and daughter and 3 grandsons. I have been leading book and film groups throughout the Chicago area. Life has been very busy and for the most part delightful.    Look forward to seeing all of you. Email:

After graduation from SSHS I followed my dream of becoming a rocket scientist at Illinois gradually became a nightmare. After failing several courses I turned to the Lord through a fraternity brother and by God's grace I graduated with a business degree. I did though have great summer jobs working on tugboats on Lake Michigan. Upon graduation my folks gave me a trip So.Gate CA to visit relatives. Having left Chicago in a blizzard it was a "no brainer"to stay. I found a job in aerospace, an apt on the beach and attended Grace Bible Church where I got involved in youth work, met Marianne, had 2 kids. We decided to do full time ministry and went to a college in Michigan,where I worked nights in a factory and going to school days,had another child and graduated with a degree in Theology. Later I acquired an MA. Our first church was in Las Vegas, second in So.Oregon and currently back here in So.Gate where we had another child and currently have 10 grandchildren. We have been here 31 years. It's a small church but we do a pretty good job with kids, youth, adults including elderly and do a lot of outreach in this community.We have in the church an informal family atmosphere. Wish I'd done better in Miss Hauta and Mr. Alo's Spanish classes since this area is mostly Hispanic.I will miss you at the reunion but cherish the many happy memories of all of you. God bless!If you are ever in in So.California come see us Sun 11 AM 4914 Tweedy Bl, 90280. Call or text my cell anytime 3236875614.

I live in Lincoln Park. Married to Susan Berman from Genecoe (New Trier HS and Rhode Island Institute of Design). I have five boys. Oliver, 7yrs (amazing what fertility drugs can do!) Graham, 24yrs (Harvard), Winston, 26yrs (Skidmore), Spencer, 28yrs (Harvard) and Nathan, 33 yrs.In the early 70s I was ranked 5 times in the top 5 in the mens open division of the Chicago District Tennis Association including a #1 ranking in 1975. In 1967 the DePaul University tennis team finished 5th in the NCAA (division 2). In 2010 my team mates and I were inducted into the DePaul University Athletic Hall of Fame. Exerpts from the article below explain a little of what I do for a living. I haven't retired yet, but I can't see myself competing into my 70s. I guess I'll have to find a different addiction!Tulane University Freeman School of Business Magazine 11/19/2008 IT'S A LONG WAY from the steel mills of Chicago to the high-tech world of electronic futures trading, but Ray Cahnman (MBA '69) will never forget where he came from.The son of a German immigrant, Cahnman grew up on the south side of Chicago nine miles from downtown. He never could have imagined that he would one day become a renowned trader with multiple memberships at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).Cahnman scored well on standardized math tests as a teen, so on the advice of a high school guidance counselor he enrolled in the engineering school at the University of Illinois. The mechanically disinclined Cahnman ended up flunking out after two disastrous years. Desperate for work, he took a job at the Republic Steel Mill on Chicago's far south side, then a major center of steel manufacturing. He worked the midnight shift as a bander, fastening enormous steel coils for shipment, and later as a grit mill operator, sandblasting rough steel rods. Cahnman worked just three months at the mill, but the experience had a lasting effect."I got a taste of what it was like being blue collar, working side by side with people who were going to be doing that for their whole life," Cahnman says.  Cahnman played tennis competitively in high school. After his experience in the steel mill, Cahnman convinced the tennis coach at DePaul University to give him a tryout. Impressed by Cahnman's scrap and determination, the coach agreed to give him a scholarship. That scholarship enabled Cahnman to cover tuition and enroll at the private university. He became a math major and graduated with honors, paving the way for his admission to the MBA program at Tulane.In 1975, six years after earning his MBA, Cahnman was still searching for a career. While working for a computer consulting company, he made a sales call one afternoon to the Chicago Board of Trade. In an ironic twist, a CBOT staff member redirected the conversation to describe the CBOT's offering of six-month permits to trade mortgage futures. This permit cost $5,000. Although mortgage trading was then a new and untried activity, Cahnman left the meeting determined to become a futures trader. Cahnman became one of 19 permit holders in the GNMA (Government National Mortgage Association) futures trading pit. After paying the permit fee, Cahnman had $3,000 remaining for trading capital. With his wife's income as a school teacher and the extra money he could make teaching tennis at night, Cahnman figured he could get by while learning the fundamentals of trading. "People advocate setting high goals," Cahnman says. "I set mine really low. I reasoned that if I could make $15,000 a year, I'd be happy. I could survive on that."Survive he did, but just barely. For the first five months, Cahnman was the most profitable futures trader in the pit and he was down $1,000. He walked to work through the snow with holes in his shoes because he couldn't afford to buy a new pair. When the six-month membership came up for renewal, Cahnman and his fellow mortgage traders petitioned the CBOT to waive the fee. If they hadn't, none of the traders were willing to continue trading. Luckily for Cahnman, the board agreed to waive the fee. Several weeks later Cahnman's fortune turned and he generated a profit, and he has continued to make money-and more money-ever since. In 1980, he founded Transmarket Group LLC (TMG). Today as chairman of the board, he presides over an international organization with 200 traders on four continents. In 2000 Cahnman became a director at the CBOT during the difficult period of transition from floor trading to electronic trading platforms. Cahnman recognized the limitations of floor trading early on and had a clear vision of the exponential growth possible with electronic trading platforms. Cahnman's vision of the future of trading was initially highly contentious and unpopular; today, that vision is widely accepted.

Under Cahnman's leadership, TMG invested heavily in sophisticated computer hardware, wiring and software to help the company compete effectively. Today all trading activity at TMG is conducted electronically. The latest challenge has been the development of algorithmic programs to help traders execute complex strategies in milliseconds. At 63 years of age Cahnman is the only one of his colleagues from his early days in the pit still actively trading, executing thousands of transactions in multiple contracts each day. He even had his bedroom equipped with trading screens so he can monitor markets almost 24 hours a day.  Email


Presently, I live in Portland, Oregon. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Mike Lezak (SSHS Class of ’62). We will soon celebrate our 47th anniversary. We have two children, Joanna, who lives in Portland, and Kevin who lives in Los Angeles. We also have four beautiful grandchildren.

The years since high school have been filled with more adventures than I could ever have imagined. I graduated college with a degree in vocal/choral music education.  I left Chicago and moved to San Diego after Mike graduated medical school at the University of Chicago. Once Mike finished his training at UCSD, we moved to Hawaii and remained there for ten years. Mike opened a private practice in gastroenterology, and I managed the office.  As our children got closer to high school age, we decided to leave Hawaii. We wanted a complete change in climate and culture, so we moved to the mountains of New Mexico. However, after two years of challenging skiing and 50 plus inches of snow each year, we decided to return to San Diego.  Once our kids finished college, we took a break and went on sabbatical. We bought a large motor home and had memorable experiences traveling across the U.S. on a year long trip. We wound up in Naples, Florida and settled there for a while.  Subsequently, Mike was offered an interesting practice opportunity in Asheville, N.C., and we moved there. However, once grandchildren entered the picture, our priorities shifted. We relocated to the west coast to be closer to family.

We have been living in Portland for the past 13 years. That’s the longest we’ve ever stayed in one spot! Mike is now semi-retired. He works part time as the Medical Director of a Hospice program. Music is still a central part of my life. I get a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction as a choral director for a small ensemble of singers and musicians. We enjoy the beauty of the pacific northwest and the proximity of our children and grandchildren.  We are both looking forward to reconnecting with our high school friends!  Email:

Thinking back, I can’t recall fond memories of South Shore High School. I was a shy kid and made few friends. However, the world brightened up after graduation 50 years ago. I got a job at Marshall Field’s downtown and started college at Navy Pier, the most unusual college campus in the world. I fell in love with history and political science. Mary Howland, I and another girl moved into the near west side neighborhood when the “Circle” campus was built. I worked in the university’s Urban Historical Collection through my B.A. and an M.A. in history. With my archival experience, I was hired by the American Medical Association and eventually obtained an M.A.L.S. and became director of Special Collections at the AMA. The AMA graciously paid a large part of my tuition to I.I.T. Chicago-Kent College of Law (scholarship too). I began working in medical ethics while in law school and eventually served as chief counsel to the AMA’s ethics committee at a time of exciting developments in bioethics and huge changes in the practice of medicine.

In 1988, I moved to the American Bar Association’s Center for Professional Responsibility where I served as regulation counsel and deputy director until my retirement in 2010. I was chief counsel to the discipline committee, directing efforts to improve lawyer and judicial disciplinary enforcement. I led teams of experts to review some 30 state systems and provide reports with recommendations to those states’ highest courts. I also served as chief counsel to the amicus curiae committee, overseeing the drafting of briefs that the ABA filed, primarily in the U.S. Supreme Court. And I took an LL.M. degree for some unknown reason. In 2009, the ABA’s Rule of Law Initiative sent me to Russia to conduct a legal ethics seminar for about 100 Russian advocates. These are the only lawyers who can represent people who have been charged with crimes. Last year the ABA sent me to train law professors and other lawyers who train these advocates in legal ethics. I am honored by these assignments and fascinated by the advocates who literally risk their lives and liberty. I have been pleased to work with colleagues here to set up legal programs for them in Chicago when they visit and plan to continue my involvement.

I’ve had over 50 articles on professional ethics published. So now I’m happily retired and enjoying life by traveling and visiting with my many dear friends (I’m no longer shy - I think law school did that). I have been to all but 4 states, most countries in Western Europe, as well as Russia and Guatemala. I now have many friends in the U.K. and have either visited the British Isles or had Brit friends visit me almost every year for the past 17 years. This year, a couple of Brit friends and I will attend the wedding in Ireland of Donna (Mattson) and Tim Allman’s son. (I reconnected with childhood pal Donna at the 30th reunion). Mary Howland Cole and I have been friends for lo these many years, and I reconnected with Karen Pollock Mulholland through the U. of I. The only other S.S.H.S. person I’ve met in the past 50 years was David Locks, who nicely handled an estate planning matter for me: a very belated thank you to him.

I love

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Chicago and have lived and worked in the city my entire life, having moved from the south, to the west, to the north sides. And all but one degree was from a Chicago school (the M.A.L.S. was from Dominican U. in the remote land of River Forest). I look forward to the rest of the adventure - and no more school.  Email:

Dick, Eileen (Kleeblatt Van)
In 1965, I completed my Elementary Education at S.I.U. and married Ron Kleeblatt (SSHS 1960). Lisa, our daughter arrived soon after and with only one year of teaching completed, I became a stay at home mom and loved it. Our lives would forever change three years later when Robbie was born with special needs which required our total commitment to his health and development. We welcomed Aaron into our family two years later. With the support of my family and unrelenting resolve we ventured through those difficult times. Ron was a buyer for Goldblatt's, but soon decided to open Skokie Video Headquarters, one of the first venues of its kind. The following ten years were filled with fun and excitement as this new phenomena gained popularity.Sadly, Ron became extremely ill and after a prolonged illness, I became a widow with three children in my late forties. Totally independent and self-reliant, I began teaching special education at a Chicago Public School. Soon I completed my graduate degree and those additional courses necessary to join the administrative team of Cameron School as its Case Manager. My focus was to support my children emotionally and financially while initiating services for inner city students who had not been provided with the appropriate strategies to accommodate their special needs.

Five years later I met Steve Van, also a widower, and married the following year. We have been together for fourteen years. Lisa has married Rich and presented us with three beautiful, healthy grandchildren, Amy (17), Scotty (14) and Danny (14)who attend Stevenson High School. I retired four years ago. The following year we lost our most precious angel. I continue to struggle without him and so I substitute for special children in a neighboring district. I also remain available to families in need of support and advocacy through private consul. Email:

I have divided the bio into Family, Career, and Personal components as follows:


After South Shore High School (SSHS) I went to the University of Denver and graduated in 1968 in Electrical Engineering. I met my wife Sue Helminiak while working as a dishwasher in her sorority house. We were married in 1968 for 34 years. She passed away in 2003 after a battle with ovarian cancer.   We raised three boys: Patrick born in 1970 and now living in St. Paul, Mn., Jonathan born in 1972 and now living in Evergreen, Co., Gregory born in 1974 and now living in Manhattan NYC. They are all married. I have five grandsons with the elder two guys that are all healthy and range in age from 5-11.    After leaving Chicago I lived in: Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, Alabama, Wisconsin (for 30+ years), St. Croix (US Virgin Islands - past 10 years).


I had my first job in South Shore delivering chicken when I was 8 years old. I had various other jobs in grammar school, high school, college. I worked as an engineer, scientist, radar systems designer, and software designer at places like Bechtel, Bell Telephone Laboratories/ Western Electric, Science Applications Inc.   I received a masters degree in Management Science from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J. I then focused on business management software development at A. O. Smith in Milwaukee.   I started Effective Management Systems, Inc in 1978, took it public in 1993, and sold it in 1999. I started/purchased/sold other software companies between 1980 and the present. I have one remaining company ...WorkWise,LLC. in Menomonee Falls, Wi. (65 employees in Wisconsin, Shanghai, other USA locations)


I have always enjoyed the outdoors (camping, fishing, hunting, boating). I also enjoy travel (been to 70+ countries...mostly for business). Been active with various charities and entreprenuer development organizations. Fund a scholarship program in a deceased assistant's name at U. Wisconsin - Green Bay. Fund a children's scholarship program in wife's name at the Milwaukee Art Museum (over 500 low income children have used this)
Retired the first time -- 2002 -2006. Involuntarily unretired -- 2007 - 2011.
Reretired -- 2012 - present
Live on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Wisconsin with partner Karen King. 
Visit with children's families. Work on a few company board of directors, a mentor for a French Venture Capital Group, spend time on my sailboat. Retirement is going much better this time around.



I have been blessed with a happy life. After my wonderful South Shore years, I had another great four years at the University of Illinois where I met my sweet wife of 45 years. We have two sons and two grandchildren. We are fortunate that they now all live close to our home in Northbrook. I have been a CPA in private practice these many years and continue to work. I surely chose the right profession and have always enjoyed my work. I love golf and my paperweight collection. I love travel, having just returned from Macchu Piccu and the Galapagos. I feel fortunate that I have retained close friendships from Horace Mann, South Shore and The University of Illinois. I look forward to seeing my classmates and hearing your bios.  Email:

Entered SSHS from Horace Mann as a chubby 5'4" 13 yr old and graduated as a slender 6'3" 17 yr old so one could say I grew up during that period. B.S.C. from De Paul and M.A. Urban Studies from Roosevelt (master’s thesis was on South Shore transition and neighborhood stabilization efforts). Personal life - (2 great kids now in early 30's both happily married) divorced a long time. Business wise - management consultant in residential real estate industry for many years and still active:  and    Email:

7 years at the University of Michigan Undergraduate and Law Schools. English major in undergrad in tribute to Mrs. Annan. Met Sue from Winnetka, my beautiful wife of 43 years, in Ann Arbor. 2 kids. Evan, 26, writes film scores in LA (latest effort part of Fast and Furious 6). Scott, 31, is a Captain in the US Army JAG Corps stationed in Afghanistan. Wants to come home and run for Congress in Baltimore.I came to Washington right out of law school with Adlai Stevenson when he was elected to the US Senate in 1970. Served as Chief Counsel to the Senate Energy Committee from 72 to 76. Helped Carter and Jim Schlesinger create the Dept of Energy and served as Asst Secy For International Affairs from 78 to 81. Upon Carter's predictable defeat in 80, joined the Washington office of a then small NY law firm called Skadden Arps, and helped build a major energy practice over the next 30 years. During this period I worked on the Presidential campaign staffs of Clinton and Kerry. Can't win em all, but John is a great guy. Also produced a couple Broadway plays, including one nominated for the Tony for best new play. We lost that one too. Richard Petty, the NASCAR legend, remains my favorite client to this day.Retired from my partnership 2 years ago to help a friend bring to market a new drug for all solid tumor cancers that adds years of survival with no toxic side effects at much lower cost than chemo. It re-educates a patient's own immune system to attack its specific cancer, and the entire treatment consists of 11 flu-like shots in the upper arm over three years. Now in late stage trials in the US and Europe on multiple cancers, the results are stunning and we expect volume use as early as later next year. You will be hearing more about the DCVax (brand name) cancer vaccine. It really works, and it is the most rewarding work I have done in a somewhat eclectic carreer since leaving the hallowed halls of South Shore. 

Time sure flys when you are having a good time. What a wonderful trip down memory lane this reunion will be. And many thanks and kudos to the organizers.

I am looking forward to the reunion. I have stayed in touch with some of our classmates through the years . There is nothing more wonderful than old friends.I was fortunate to continue my musical background managing Curtis Mayfield for thirty years, Impressions, Patti LaBelle, and others.  Curtis and I had a very successful record company which became part of Warner Bros in 1975. I became a Co-President of Warner Bros. The highlight may have been the more than 18 Gold and Platinum records. I am a partner since 1981 in the Chicago White Sox and have the 2005 World Series Ring which I wear at times with great pride. I have been married to my wife, Adrienne for going on 47 years. We have two sons and a daughter all whom are married to wonderful spouses. Four Grandchildren and another on the way.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing the past and the present.  Email:

It feels so good to be focused on doing all that makes me happy. I am experiencing my life through the eyes of an artist in love with life. Recently retired from teaching within various school systems (Chicago School Board (8 yrs), Bahamas (5 yrs), School Board of Broward County, Florida (27 yrs), I still relinquish time for the “Y’s” Aftercare Program for Special Needs Students. My expertise with the training of future educators continues for Nova Southeastern University (27yrs/Adj. Prof). My Renaissance son continues his creative explorations and adventures. I am a grandmother of four beautiful “star children” whom reside in the United Kingdom, thus allowing me to expand my perceptions and pallet. For the last two (2) years I have been in practice of being a “Kalicious” supreme being and it has served my mind, body & soul superbly well. Juice bar anyone!  Email:  

Dear Class of SSHS June, 1963.
Sorry I can't join you in Chicago for our 50th reunion. We have a family commitment the weekend of the reunion which prevents us from being with you. My husband Otto and I are back in New York for the summer before we return to Jerusalem Israel where we have our second home. We split our time between the two cities. 

My professional life included working in Jewish education as well as public education. I had a career of over forty years, and now enjoy living in two very special cities. We live in walking distance of Lincoln Center and the Jerusalem Theater. We can be found attending all of the marvelous forms of the arts in both cities. Our travels have taken us to Australia, New Zealand, Africa, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, and many many more places of interest. 

Best wishes to all!  Email:

It is hard to believe that it has been 50 years since we graduated. I got married to Nettie a year after graduating from the University of Illinois and we will be celebrating our 45th anniversary in December of this year, and we have lived in Highland Park, IL for the past 38 years. We have two beautiful daughters, Leslie who lives in West Hartford, CT and Stacy who lives in Deerfirld, IL - both married (Stacy to Marianne Schoenfeld's son) and five grandchildren, three girls and two boys.

I have been a Manufacturers Representative for 40 years, am a partner in my own Agency and still work full time, traveling extensively and enjoying what I do almost every day. I can truly say that I have lived a wonderful life, including my formative years in South Shore, and hope that continues for many years to come. Email:

I spent most of my high school days with the January 1964 class, but with enough credits graduated in June, 1963.  I graduated from the University of Illinois as a Biology major and chemistry minor and began teaching Biology at Homewood-Flossmoor High School which I continued to do for the next 34 years.  When Mr. Poole (my South Shore Biology teacher) came to visit me at Homewood-Flossmoor’s facilities, he asked me why I had not come back to teach Biology at my Alma Mater.  “ I told him the pay was better in the suburbs.”

I have to admit that I am a perpetual student. After I graduated from the University of Illinois, I went on to earn my Master’s Degree from Valparaiso University. Then I continued on with my academic pursuits by attending the NSF workshop at Stanford, and the Howard Hughes program at Princeton. Being a glutton for punishment, I then took graduate level science courses at more institutions than I can remember. As a culmination of all my efforts, in 1997, I was named the Outstanding Biology Teacher in Illinois. I feel very honored and fortunate to have received this award, and since teaching is a great part of my personal identity, even after I retired from Homewood-Flossmoor High School, I have continued to be a consultant for the College Board which trains Biology teachers in Advanced Placement Biology. I participate in summer workshops ranging in length from one day to a week throughout the United States.

In 1968, I married Jerry Cohen and have two wonderful children: Heath and Brandi (Argentar). Brandi is following in her my footsteps by being a Biology teacher at Stevenson High School. However, my son, Heath, has chosen another path and after graduating college, became a commercial pilot, and a marketing executive in Florida. I have two fantastic grandsons (Amichai 7, and Nadav 4) whom I have been enjoying every minute babysitting for once a week in Northbrook.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to babysit on a weekly basis for my granddaughter Maya (Cohen) who lives in Florida.  After being divorced for 15 years, I married my loving husband Bob Mayer in 1994. Now I have an additional three sons: Steven, Scott and Brian and three darling grandchildren (Talia, Max and Elliana).

For relaxation, I enjoy swimming, biking, exercising, and dancing.  One of my favorite vacation locations is Israel.  I have been there 7 times and cannot wait to go again.  Email:

The past 50 years (yikes!) for the most part have been quite wonderful. I had a fulfilling career as a speech pathologist, working briefly in the public schools, then a hospital setting, and about 3 decades in home health care. But you don't really want to hear about that. My first marriage lasted 10 years, and the best parts were the 2 children I had. Matthew,39, resides in NY and was very recently married. Margaret,35,is married, has 2 sons and is due shortly to have her third. She resides in Seattle. 
I have been married to my present husband, Rick Silverman, for almost 30 years. This was definitely a marriage that was meant to be. We were fixed up 2 different times, in 2 different cities ( D.C. and Chicago), and by 2 different people, 14 years apart. He is a chemistry professor at Northwestern University. We have a son, Philip, 29, who also resides in NY and is in business with his brother, Matt.
Rick and I have had the good fortune to do a great deal of traveling. About half are amazing family vacations and half are just the 2 of us. In my spare time, I read a lot, practice yoga, and am involved in some charitable organizations. A very special part of my life is my time spent with Joanie Winter and Michael Levitt, Lynne Rooth Golomb and Harvey, Laurie Block Marshall and Steve, and Nancy and Mike Lezak (when in town). Also, until the untimely death of Bobbe Malkin Petasnick, she was part of our circle. She is missed so much by us. We all cherish and celebrate this enduring friendship we have. With the exception of Nancy and Mike, these friendships were rekindled at the 40th reunion. Thank heavens for reunions!  Email:

I retired as a Health Educator from the University of New Mexico.I maintain my certification as a Health Education Specialist. I've been married to Keith for 49 years. He no longer does surgery nor takes call, Yeah! He’s now a Medical Legal expert. Our daughter Lois has moved to Santa Fe while her adorable daughter Shani finishes High School at the acclaimed New Mexico School for the Arts, where she plays classical & jazz sax,very well. Our son Joel and his wife Kate live in Southwestern Colorado with their 3 adorable active children Marshall 7, Kaylee 5 and Donald,almost 3. We are busy with local and charitable organizations. I’m busy enjoying the grandchildren,‘tho it often takes long hours of travel. Also occupied with the UNM retiree benefits committee. We still love to travel and collect antiques especially unusual decks of playing cards. We are members of several card societies and have friends among fellow collectors worldwide. Life has been great fun!I’ve been to several of my husband’s reunions; now it’s his turn to attend mine! We’ve lived in Albuquerque almost 40 years, we love having visitors or giving advice about travel to beautiful, historic New Mexico.Betty Lee Kramer Harvie2211 Campbell Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104  or

Levitt, Michael
Following South Shore , where I finished in the top 100 of the class (I think I edged Alan Wilens), I graduated  from Washington University in St. Louis and De Paul law school in Chicago.  I passed the Bar (on the first try) but chose to go into business.  I have opened/purchased check cashing facilities in six states and 10 cities.  I served as a director of a national bank for over 30 years and I was president of a state-wide business association that numbered more than seven hundred members.  I list these accomplishments only partially to brag, but more in memory of my listed activities in the Tide, which included being a hall guard and the lawn committee (and that was a stretch), and never being in an honors class.  I probably had ADD, but it wasn’t being diagnosed than.  My years at South Shore were largely great, except for having to take my driver’s exam four times and getting in trouble for changing a grade in my course book.  The good part was primarily Tommies and girls, although I hadn’t a clue what to do with the latter.

I have raised two beautiful daughters from my first marriage, both of whom are attorneys . . . one is an educator in Evanston and the other teaches law at John Marshall.  They have, with the help of two pretty good sons-in-law, produced 5 grandchildren, ages 12, 10, 9, 8 and 4 ½.  I spend a great deal of my time these days following their activities, teaching them to have a sense of humor and preventing their parents from screwing them up.  Early on, I bribed my daughters to stay in Chicago . . . best investment I ever made.  I play tennis 3-5 times a week, largely singles.  I bet I could beat 4 out 5 of the starters from Jerry Conforti’s team, assuming they have limited mobility.

Some of you may have heard that on the occasion of our 40th reunion I found my high school prom date . . . the beauteous Joanie Winter, she of the black hair and blue eyes.  We didn’t just reconnect.  I had, in fact, carried a torch for her for those forty years, despite being married three times in between.  I came to that reunion, knowing she had recently divorced (my third marriage was terminal).  I saw her across a crowded room and 40 years of daydreaming became reality, though she was now a blonde.  We dated for a few months between Chicago and New York , and then I asked her to marry (it was the only way I could get her to move in with me).  We had a wedding in the grand ballroom of the Knickerbocker Hotel, inviting many of our SouthShore class mates.  This is due out in book version. Our lives revolve around Joanie’s career, the grandchildren and a great deal of travel.  Our social life includes Barbara Kesner, Ilene Kaplan, Lynne Rooth, Laurie Block, Jarv Fridus, Ricky Isenberg, Fran White, Doug Gorin and Sherry Barkan, and Jerry Loeser. I just love it when a plan comes together.  Email:

When I was in college, Go Blue, someone remarked to me that I did pretty well for a girl from the South Side of Chicago. Needless to say, I was insulted but at the age of 18, couldn't come up with a quick retort to match my fury.The truth is that I did do pretty well. I have been married to my college sweetheart, Larry Kripke, for 47 years. We live in Toledo, Oh. and Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. and have 3 wonderful children, Matthew 45, Dana 43 and Eric 39. They, in turn have married 3 more children to love and adore and together have given us 8 spectacular grandchildren , ages 16-3. We love them a lot but the best is they love each other a lot and love being together. How lucky can we get?So my life has been full. Larry and I started our own metal brokerage company, I did volunteer work in the community and did public speaking for fundraising. Of course, the best thing I did was raising our children to be independent and accomplished adults and parents. Matt has taken over the brokerage company, Dana has her own organizing business, and Eric is a TV creator in LA.

And so that brings me back to the original comment about the South Side of Chicago. Yes, I did do well but not in spite of it but because of it. Here I learned values, work ethic, loyalty, and the joy of living in a small community. I am happy to be here and proud of "our South Side."  Email:

Going to the University of Chicago was both a short and a long distance from SSHS. I actually came back to visit, bearded and in cowboy boots, but Mrs. Coleman (my favorite teacher) rightfully and tactfully (well, maybe not so tactfully) told me that my presence there was no longer appropriate. Majoring in Biochemistry, I went on to medical school and graduate school at the U of C, and then to Internship/Psychiatric Residency in San Francisco. Five years doing research at the NIMH in Bethesda resulted in the opportunity to help develop a new field: how to use bright light and melatonin to adjust human biological rhythms for the purpose of treating sleep and mood disorders, such as seasonal affective disorder in sighted people (the result of winter's short days), as well as the problems of blind people with no light perception (who cannot keep their circadian rhythms synchronized to the 24-hour day); I received a Professional Achievement Alumni Award from the U of C for this work in 2011. Within the next several months I will retire and turn over my endowed professorship at the Oregon Health & Science University to a younger physician/scientist. Nineteen years ago I married Colleen Shannon and we have two boys, ages 10 and 7, Robert Jacob (aka Jack) and Aaron Charles (aka Charlie). Although I may continue to be involved in some activities related to my professional career, I am looking forward to spending more time with my family.

Locks, David
Married 38 years, as of 8/15/2013 to Fran; 2 children- Josh, age 31 who is married to Rebecca. They have one child (our 1st grandchild), Noah,one year old; they both are teachers in the CPS system. Josh graduated Lawrence U. in Appleton WI where he played baseball and graduated with a degree in English which he teaches @ Whitney Young HS in Chicago as an excuse to coach baseball; he teaches umpiring and umpires at a local park. He graduated umpire school but decided he did not want the travel; Rebecca teaches 5th grade math at a local grammar school. Our second son, Benjamin, age 26, is finishing his first year of grad school in Bologna Italy @ the Johns Hopkins U. Paul Nitze School of Advanced International Studies. His second year will begin in Sept. in D.C.; he did a semester @ American U. in Cairo, Egypt; took off a semester to work for Obama in Iowa in 2008 and still graduated George Washington 4 years; Peace Corps for 2 years in rural El Salvador; 6 months travelling through Central & S. America; and has been all over the place on side trips. One son will never leave Chicago, and one son will never return permanantly.

I practice law specializing in litigation involving trusts, probate and real estate. My wife, Fran, is my office manager and paralegal. As some of you know, she is English; we met in Amsterdam in late May of 1975; she came here for a visit in late July 1975. We were married on August 15. I had not met her parents or family. One of her sisters noted "he must be all right if she likes him." Richie Rabens characteriazed it as marriage "by nudge", my nudging.  Email:

My greatest accomplishment since I graduated from high school was conquering mental illness. As you may recall I had a nervous breakdown my senior year. It took me nine long years but I did it. In 1969 I was referred to a young physician, Robert Polsky. He believed in me and I became whole and remain so to this day. I received a B.S. in Mathematics from Roosevelt University in 1971 and a B.S. in Accounting from Northeastern Illinois University Cum Laude in 1996. I spent my working days in retail. My first eight years of my career was spent at Carson Pirie Scott where I ran a customer service department. I worked for close to two decades at M. Hyman and Son. Shortly after I graduated from Northeastern Illinois University I went to work as an accountant at Epco Paint where I worked until I retired in 2009.

Today I am happily retired. I am currently my sister’s caretaker. Last summer I did a gut renovation of my condominium in Chicago. I have become an avid physical fitness enthusiast. Email

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