Johnny Carson

Show-business junkies old enough to have spent many of their late nights between 1962 and 1992 watching Johnny Carson, “the King of Late Night,” will likely devour this long-anticipated memoir in one gulp. Notorious for keeping his distance from one and all, even those he purportedly loved, Carson was perhaps closest to Henry Bushkin, his lawyer and consigliere for 18 years, from 1970 to 1988; the relationship ended badly, but Bushkin—self-described as Carson’s “lawyer, counselor, partner, employee, business advisor, earpiece, mouthpiece, enforcer, running buddy, tennis pal, drinking and dining companion, and foil”—may be the one living person capable of giving readers at least a glimpse of the man behind the genial, oh-so-smooth mask.

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Glenda Smith, Elementary Teacher of the Year

Professional Biography Teaching Philosophy Community Involvement Educational/Professional Background Training and Committees Awards and Honors Professional Biography From excitement to disappointment on the first day of school! Who could have imagined that anyone as excited as I was about first grade could possibly have been disappointed? There were only two first grade teachers at my elementary school. One was young and pretty and just beginning her teaching career. I so wanted to be in her class. The other teacher, Mrs. Vera Cook, seemed ancient, and I had heard from neighbors that she was very strict.

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Biography of Wilbur L. Ross, Jr., : The Wharton Global Alumni Forum-Hong Kong

Speaker > Biography Biography of Wilbur L. Ross, Jr. , Wilbur Ross may be the best known turnaround financier in the U. S. , having been involved in the restructuring of over $200 billion of defaulted companies’ assets around the world. In 1998, Fortune Magazine called him "the King of Bankruptcy. ”  Mr. Ross organized International Steel Group in April 2002 and was its Board Chairman.   By acquiring Bethlehem, LTV, Weirton, Acme, Georgetown and U. S. Steel’s plate operation, ISG became the largest integrated steel company in North America.   It was listed on the New York Stock Exchange until April when it merged with Mittal Steel to form the largest steel company in the world.

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