Case Study 3.1—Human resources planning

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February 2005 Status Report—Chapter 3

Human resources planning is now seen as a critical enabler to achieve the full flexibility of the newPublic Service Employment Act.

The Treasury Board (as employer) is responsible under theFinancial Administration Actfor identifying the current and future needs of the public service, and for establishing basic qualification standards for positions. The newPublic Service Employment Actenables deputy heads to fill positions based on essential qualifications and considerations for current and future needs at the organizational level. In light of this, the capacity for building a more systematic approach to human resources planning has become a priority.

An interdepartmental human resources planning working group was created in October 2003. Its mandate was twofold: develop a generic planning template that departments and agencies could adapt to their needs and prepare a discussion paper outlining the current state of human resources planning in the public service, improvements needed, and the steps required

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to rebuild capacity across the public service. The working group has made significant progress on both fronts.

Based on extensive consultation and research, the working group drafted a number of planning tools, including a planning calendar and checklist, tool kit, and guide. These tools are intended to support integrated human resources planning and business planning practices in departments and agencies. In April 2004, the working group also published a discussion paper with several recommendations to help improve the state of planning practices and capacity across the public service. The working group expects to formally roll out the planning tools to departments and agencies in December 2004, and to work on re-building planning capacity and an improved process over the next three to five years.

In addition to the working group, the Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada recently established a planning team and a Centre of Excellence to help support departments and agencies in re-building their human resources planning capacity.

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