AQA A2 Coursework Support

1.       The coursework is marked out of 60 full mark scheme here

2.       27/60 = E

32/60 = D

38/60 = C

44/60 = B

50/60 =A

55/60 = A*

3.       One full review only (no redrafts). It is a personal enquiry

4.       The word limit is quite strict. You can go up to 4,000 without being penalised but over that you can lose up to 3 full marks. You can use footnotes to bear down on your word count but don't overdo!

5.       You must show DEBATE - don't just describe the causes - answer the specific question EXPLICITLY. Analysis/argument = Good. Narrative/description = Bad!

6.       Show balance in your answer before coming to a conclusion which is supported by evidence and argument. Avoid bald assertion ..."I think that...." Your conclusions must be debated and supported.

7.       In your introduction outline the parameters of the debate surrounding the set question and hint at your argument.

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Use the rest of your essay to analyse the evidence referring the title as you proceed.

8.       In the Evaluation compare the VALUE of each source. Perhaps start off with 'The source I used the most was.....' and explain how and why the source was useful to you. Make sure you discuss a 'range' of sources - not just A level textbooks

9.       In the Evaluation avoid superficial (shallow) or generalised comments about reliability or utility e.g. 'source A is reliable because it is written by a famous author who has written lots of books'. A better approach might be to comment on depth and range of research, corroboration in other sources, and balance in the work. Conclusions that are based on supported judgement and are convincing etc.

10. You must refer to different interpretations/historical debate in your answer. do so in an anyltical rather than a descriptive way, and make sure it appears seemelessly in your discussion of causes and in your conclusion not as an add on somewhere in the essay

        Finally;  Do not go over the word limit for the Evaluation!

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