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NIST has UK certified and experienced trainers to train people for certifications in health and safety sector. Their standard training for NEBOSH courses had grabbed attention from students all over the world till date. Do not delay to register for Nebosh IGC at our NIST Delhi branch. Delhi is one of the fastest growing bustling metropolises that have an amazing mix of modernization. Get your start here at Delhi!
IGC1 Date IGC2 Date IGC 1 & 2 Exam Register
17th to 21st Apr 22nd to 27th Apr 03rd & 04th May
05th to 09th Jun 10th to 15th Jun 21st & 22nd Jun
17th to 21st Jul 22nd to 27th Jul 01st & 02nd Aug
14th to 19th Aug 21st to 25th Aug 30th to 31st Aug
03rd to 07th Oct 09th to 13th Oct 25th & 26th Oct
20th to 24th Nov 25th to 30th Nov 05th & 06th Dec
18th to 22nd Dec 23rd to 30th Dec 03rd & 04th Jan-18

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to 24th Jan-18

25th to 31st Jan-18 05th & 06th Feb-18
16th to 21st Feb-18 23rd to 28th Feb-18 06th & 07th Mar-18
19th to 23rd Mar-18 24th to 29th Mar-18 04th & 05th Apr-18
IOSH MS Fire Safety Risk Assessment NEBOSH HSW
06th to 08th Apr 10th Apr 11th Apr 12th to 14th Apr
25th to 27th May 29th May 30th May 01st to 03rd Jun
06th to 08th Jul 10th Jul 11th Jul 13th to 15th Jul
03rd to 05th Aug 08th Aug 09th Aug 10th to 12th Aug
19th to 21st Sept 22nd Sept 23rd Sept 25th to 27th Sept
09th to 11th Nov 13th Nov 14th Nov 16th to 18th Nov
07th to 09th Dec 11th Dec 12th Dec 14th to 16th Dec
05th to 08th Jan-18 09th Jan-18 10th Jan-18 16th to 18th Jan-18
07th to 09th Feb-18 10th Feb-18 12th Feb-18 13th to 15th Feb-18
08th to 10th Mar-18 12th Mar-18 13th Mar-18 15th to 17th Mar-18

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