Post-Graduation Work Permit

*Canada/US terrestrial border (Lacolle/Champlain, St. Armand/Phillipsburg, or Stanstead)

Applying At a Port of Entry:

To be eligible to apply at the border, you must be  TRV-exempt*

* Even if you were required to have a TRV/Entry Visa to enter Canada, you are TRV-exempt if you are traveling only to the US and back with a valid Study Permit or Work Permit - see IRPA Section 190 (3) (f)) .   Please note, however, that not all agents are familiar with this exception and may require you to apply online once you're in Canada. This is why we recommend that foreign nationals who require a TRV because of their nationality apply only at the US/Canada Land Border - Lacolle/Champlain . All other nationalities that do not require a TRV can apply at any Port of Entry. 

 Please bring the following documents:

1.  Valid Passport (The PGWP can not be granted past the validity of your passport. If your PGWP was granted for a shorted period of time than you were eligible for - because your passport was expiring - you will need to apply for a new work permit and pay the fees again, once you have obtained your new passport. You should include a letter of explanation stating that your PGWP expire prematurely because of the expiry date of your previous passport)

2.  Valid CAQ & Study Permit
3.  Letter from Minerva or Service Point confirming that you have completed all the requirements of your program of study
4.  Official Transcripts in a sealed envelope showing final grades/results 

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(border officials occasionally request these).
4.  $155 + new $100 fee (as of Feb. 21, 2015) = $255 ( payable by cash, credit card or Canadian debit)

Optional documents: Immigration officers occasionally ask students whether they have enough money to pay for their living costs while looking for work. It is recommended to have a copy of your latest bank statement or any other document proving that you have sufficient funds to pay your rent while looking for work (there is no specific amount required by Immigration Canada).

If you do not have access to a car,  there is a bus service to the Canada/US border from Montreal .

Applying Online

  1. Determine your eligibility to apply online for the PGWP here. 
  2. Once approved for online application apply through your MyCIC account
  3. Assemble your documents according to your personalised MyCIC document checklist, and follow the subsequent steps. 

As of February 5, 2016, students may now apply online either from within Canada, or from outside Canada. Please bear in mind that processing times (work permit - new employer) will vary by country

Once you have applied online and are waiting to receive your PGWP y ou begin to work full-time  provided that:

a) you hold or held a valid study permit at the time you applied for your PGWP, and
b) have already applied for your PGWP from within Canada

Please note: We recommend that you remain in Canada while you wait for your Post Graduation Work Permit. 

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