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In creating the proposed system, the Immaculate Heart of Mary hospital will use thesystem will be competitive in other hospitals in the field of I.T. The medical staff will beeducated about computers and at the same time it will lessen their work.

Background of the Study

According to the brochure given by the hospital, since its founding in 2001-2002, theImmaculate Heart of Mary is one of the hospitals that has quality healthcare in Catanduanes andnearby provinces. Immaculate Heart of Mary hospital has 125-bed, strategically located in RafaelST. Rawis Virac, Catanduanes. One of the very few tertiary hospitals in the region, it hascontinuously provided the community with medical care and valuable diagnostic services ataffordable costs. Conceived by a handful of trained medical specialists and with the financial backing of Founder and President Mr. Nilo V. Segismundo and his wife Edna C. Segismundo,the hospital was established out of a common desire to provide the community with qualityhealth care.Immaculate Heart of Mary hospital provides the following services: Clinical servicessuch as medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, dentistry, anesthesia, radiology,cl in ic al la bo rat ory , an d co mm uni ty he al th . Se rvi ce s li ke me di cal re cor ds ma nag em ent , procurement, personnel and security are under administration. Central stores, domestic hygiene,maintenance and repair fall under support services. On average the hospital handles about 200 patients / clients per day. Out of the services provided, and the load of work handled per day, alot of records are generated manually. For example the clinical writer keeps a register, thelaboratory keeps another, the wards and theatre also keep theirs. Medical follow up charts arealso produced and kept. This registration at different levels usually leads to duplication.2


Va ri ou s re po rt s ar e ge ne ra te d pe ri od ic al ly fo r us e at di ff er en t le ve ls of management. The hospital is required to make monthly reports and annual reports plus anysituational reports in case of an outbreak. Production of these reports using manual system are both done with pen and paper, thus sharing of these records among the health professionals areusually difficult and time consuming. Health workers spend more time looking for informationthan the time spend caring for the inpatients therefore patients have to wait for long time.The researcher considered that a computerized system is needed to handle the hugerecords, to quicken the generation of reports, to ease the sharing of health and to store the hugeamount of data efficiently and effectively from

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the replacement of the current manual system.

Information Technology Innovation

This century witnessed a giant leap in information technology. Computers are not onlyused to diagnose the illness or for doing surgery, but also they are used increase of efficiency inall fields ranging from fixing appointment with the doctor to keeping the record of the patient.Software application can provide solution and services for the global health care industry.By using the cutting edge technologies, hospital management can be improved with efficientwork flow and communication.This study will enhance the management operation using Visual Basic 6.0. The proponentused Visual Basic 6.0 because it is a powerful, interactive data-management tool used in creatingapplication, as well as adobe Photoshop 7.0 in development of software, it has more appealingdesign to the user interface and MySQL for database because of its powerful features of datamanagement. To access the data efficiently the prospective users of the computerized system arehospital staffs and doctors of the hospital.3


Th e pro pon en t use d fi ng erp ri nt sca nne r for id ent if ic at io n an d wi ll ser ve as th e employee’s security access for their records. Employees are also required to have a fingerprintidentification that will serve as their access to the system.


The reason why the proponent developed this study, it’s because the proponent wants toimprove the quality and management of clinical care and hospital health care management inImmaculate Heart of Mary hospital. Also to developed hospital management system and improveit s effe cti ven ess and qua lit y of work . The sys tem is effe cti ve, fle xib le, user -fri end ly and developed to deliver realistic benefits to hospitals.

Objectives of the Study

The following are the general and specific objectives that this proposed study seeks toachieve.

Genera l Objectiv es

. The general objective of the study is to design and develop ahospital management system that would serve as proposal to help Immaculate Heart of MaryHospit al to their operati on and provid es an easier, faster, more organized, secured, and accurat esystem.

Specific Objectives

. The study will be conducted for the following specific process.


To analyze and describe how the manual system of Immaculate Heart of MaryHospital works.2.To ident ify th e proble ms encoun tered i n Immacu late Hea rt of Ma ry Hospi tal.


To develop a system that will improve the scope:4

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