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We’ve always believed that painting is a fairly easy thing to do that can totally change the look of a room. If you have the right tools, you can paint a room in an afternoon. Trust us, we have done it many times. My daughter has just started kindergarten, and we wanted to create a fun and useful Kid’s Homework Desk. We had a kid’s table from Ikea (Ikea Sundvik kid’s table and chairs) that has been well used and abused over the years, so we decided to repaint and refurbish it and turn it into the perfect homework space. We love how this DIY Kid’s Homework Desk turned out!

How to Make a DIY Kid’s Homework Desk

You will need:

  • Kids table – Ikea Sundvik kid’s table and chairs
  • 2 Plastic Cups
  • 1 quart Interior Home Paint
  • White and Green crafting paint
  • 1 ½ “ Nylon Paint brush
  • Dauber crafting paint brushes
  • Painting tarp
  • Sanding paper
  • Drill
  • Hole Saw Drill Bit

Here is our beat up but much used Ikea Sundvik kid’s table and chairs before the transformation. There has been a lot of coloring, playdoh and games played at this table, and putting aside the scratched surface, both Laurie and I thought it could still give us a few more years of happy service. Let the painting fun begin!!

First step, pick a new color for the homework desk.  We decided to use our existing ABC rug for our color inspiration and made a Friday night trip to Home Depot.  We brought home a large selection of bright saturated colors and eventually settled on this beautiful red called “Red My Mind”.

Before we started painting though, we wanted to make one modification to our Kids’s Homework Desk. We used a Hole

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Saw Drill Bit to drill two large holes in top of the table. Once the table was finished, our plan is to drop plastic cups into the holes to act as supply caddies for crayons, penciles and scissors. Once we had cut out the circular piece of wood, we sanded down the edges of the holes. This whole process was pretty easy to do and only took about 15 minutes to drill both holes.

Next we gave the table a light sand to smooth out some of the surface scrapes and to give the paint something to grab on to.   And then we washed off the sanding dust with a damp cloth and let the table dry while we set up our painting area.

We stirred our paint and we started painting the table and two of the chairs.

Our table was fully dry within one hour.

Next, we added our embellishments.  We have a Paint Dauber set from Martha Stewart that makes very pretty circles with craft paint.  We planned out our design and used popsicle sticks as spacers for the circles.  We made a big circle with White Craft Paint and then added a second smaller circle of paint using the red paint and a green craft paint.

Finally, we dropped in our plastic cups and voila … instant pencil and crayon caddy!

We love how our Kid’s Homework Desk turned out; it was a fun and easy project.  My daughter loves it and has been using it to do her homework.

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