Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

Water Filter Pitcher is the usual means of eliminating impurities from your drinking water, which usually usescarbon cartridge. Consumers can easily purify tap water by pouring it in the water filter pitcher.

The purifier consists of two sections, the area above and below the filter. The section above the filter is where you fill the pitcher with water while the section below is where you store the water.

Advantages of Water Filter Pitchers

Although government environmental agencies and local water organizations guarantee delivery of safe drinking water, you may further safeguard your health against entry of disease-causing substances.

One of the advantages of the pitcher type filter is that you can store it conveniently inside the refrigerator or place it on tabletop. It also comes in various designs and sizes to suit your need. The pitcher has easy open lid, slip free handle, simple to install replacement filters and BPA free. Whether you are in a college dorm or running across the jogging lane, it can offer you safe filtered water.

Research shows that use of purified water decreases the incidence of colorectal and bladder cancer due to the elimination of chlorine.The filtration system also removes Giardia and Cryptosporidium, thereby decreasing the hazard of acquiring intestinal problems by about 30%. Children will greatly benefit from purified water since it can enhance their immune system and develop their mental and physical abilities. Lead present in the water are hazardous to a pregnant woman and developing baby inside her womb.In general, the water filter pitcher shields the body from entry of toxic substances.

The carbon filter preserves the minerals and maintains the normal pH of water. It removes approximately 90% of the contaminants and enhances the taste and smell of water.

Disadvantages of Carbon Water Filter

One of the drawbacks of carbon filter is its inability to get rid of the entire pollutantspresent in water. Furthermore, it would cost you a significant amount of money because of the regular cartridge replacement. The pitcher can serve a limited number of people, hence not advisable for households with more than three members. Experts recommend the installation of a more extensive home water filter for a large family.

Another disadvantage is that the water filter pitcher requires some time to achieve the purifying process, hence you need to wait for about 10 minutes to have a purified drink. In addition, failure to replace the carbon cartridge on time may allow chemicals and toxins to gain entry to the filtered water inside the pitcher.

The plastic material of the pitcher may break over time, so you need to spend for a new one.

Water Contaminants

Water pitcher has carbon filter, which removes the following pollutants present in your drinking water:

The use of chlorine is effective in purifying water, hence tapped by local water agencies to provide safe water for drinking. However, its by-product, the Trihalomethanes is the leading cause of colon and bladder cancers. Many pitcher type of filter can remove about 99% of this chemical.

Ingestion of asbestos is the causative factor in

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several types of cancers.

  • Parasites and microorganisms are present in water from a well. Since this is undergroundsource, bacteria from sewage may contaminate the water supply. Studies show that Giardia cyst, a worm that infests the human intestines can be present in water. Although it does not alter the taste of water, the risk can be detrimental.
  • Lead is a toxic substance in paint and plumbing materials. Poisoning from this chemical affects the nervous system, brain and kidneys. Studies reveal that houses built prior to 1986 poses a threat of acquiring lead toxicity. If you are in doubt, it is essential to contact a private testing center to check presence of lead in your water facilities.

Soil absorbs pesticides, which may reach the water supply system. These poisonous chemicalsare harmful to animals andhumansalike.

Buying a Water Filter Pitcher

Prior to purchasing a water filter pitcher, consumers should take note of the following considerations:

  • Homeowners should have a yearly water examination to assess the types of impurities present in their tap water. They can also coordinate with their local health agency for assistance. The results of the evaluation will help you determine the necessary type of filter to avail. Never miss this initial step to save money, time and effort. This is an assurance that you have purchased a filtration system that can discard thecontaminants active in your drinking water.
  • Cost is an important factor when buying a filter. Compute the initial investment for the purchase of the unit and the regular expenses for the replacement of filter.Since better filtration system such as countertops or faucet system at are available at about $100 and above, it is recommended getting a water filter pitcher below that price to get the best value for your money.
  • Evaluate if your needs and purpose match the benefits offered by the filter.
  • Conduct research to acquaint yourself with the process of filtration. Visit the website of NSF International to get valuable and unbiased details, which manufactures may fail to communicate.
  • Check the manufacturer’s certification from NSF International, an organization that tests the filtration product and ensures that it meets the criteria of eliminating pollutants in water. It is essential to know the quantity and quality of pollutants eliminated by their filtration system.Choose a manufacturer that guarantees the highest percentage of removing pollutants. Explore the money-back guarantee options in case you are not satisfied with the performance of the system.
  • Review the expertise of the manufacturer and the years of service in the industry.
  • Gather necessary reviews and information from people who have used the product.

Water is an essential substance to regulate your body, hence it is vital to drink it pure and fresh. With the increasing threat of pollutants and toxins in the water, who would not want to feel secure with filtered water?   The use of water filter pitcher is becoming popular because it is portable and handy. If you are a person on the go and loves outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and travelling, pitcher type is one of the best options for you.

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