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Feedback Score: 31 reviews Everyone wants one, CarFax acct for freeSince "I need a free CarFax" is a common thing on this site over the years, here is your chance to get a free and legit account:

CARFAX Vehicle Service History Membership for free

I tried it out, seemed to work just fine... I was even able to add my daily driver and saw the history on that too... all without needing to pay a dime


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Feedback Score: 11 reviews Just tried it out. Gave me a service history on my car from about 5 years ago. One thing I like though is it will give you an estimate on repairsMy 96 GS-R Turbo Build Thread - 427whp 304tq (11.24 @ 126mph)

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Location: Straight Roads, ILFeedback Score: 3 reviews Thanks for the link! It's good to know my vehicle was taken better care of by its former owner. "The Value of Life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply Stirred." - Soichiro Honda [CONEV8R] 10:52 pm: blowjob gasket [CONEV8R] 10:53 pm: err.... i mean, head gasket Kaelorr: "It is, to this day, the only Honda I've ever seen roll coal."

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Feedback Score: 6 reviews Strange, my car managed sixteen years with no record whatsoever on CarFax.Slow car fast.
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Location: rightbehind you, WIFeedback Score: 11 reviews Little creepy how I put in my plate and it instantly comes back with make and model, not even a pause to search.Do me a favor.From now on don't care what other people think about your car. Do what YOU want to your car. Who gives a damn what other people think about it.

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Huh... shows the wrong mileage and that the last time my car was serviced was 2006... doesn't show the accident it was in, the two recalls it participated in or any of the work i've had done at shops over the last 7 years of owning it. I doubt I'll be trusting the 'car fox' anytime soon.

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Location: rightbehind you, WIFeedback Score: 11 reviews It didn't show my other cars accident either. Honestly I just thought I was navigating it wrong.

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Location: los angeles, CAFeedback Score: 10 reviews WOW!!! i get NOTHING!!! "No service information has been reported to CARFAX" I've had work done at the dealer before tho..... odd.

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Feedback Score: 0 reviews Just showed a few services that I've done. Still, kinda cool and FREE. Thanks for the link.

EDIT: Checked my wifes car too and just shows when I purchased the car and the new radio I had them put in as part of the deal. As far as carfax goes, it's only as accurate as what people report. If nothings reported, I don't think car fax magically knows the cars history

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Feedback Score: 7 reviews Tried it for both our cars. Doesn't show anything for the last 5-10 years. Nothing at all from the date we purchased the cars or after. Seems like a very limited version of the full data.

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Feedback Score: 6 reviews I looked into this more and it's not a Carfax report so much as a beta test for a promotional tool. It's designed as a maintenance log and only reports service that is reported by Carfax partners. If you want ownership and accident history, you still have to purchase a regular Carfax report.

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