Research proposal

Accounting Research Proposal

Accountingis the system of operations which are aimed at the recording of all the financial operations and transactions carried out by an organization. Accounting is an important thing for business, because if a boss wants his business to be profitable, he should devote much time to this activity. Accounting is a good thing which helps the businessman record every expenditure and profit. When the profit is low and every dollar is valuable for the firm, accounting is a good helper, because it helps analyze all the operations and look for the alternative ways of the development of business.

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Research proposal and confirmation of candidature

Your research proposal is due six months (FTE*) after your first enrolment. Successful completion of this milestone leads to confirmation of candidature. You need to submit your proposal, your completed Statement of Agreement and your Research Induction Plan. The following resources will help you meet the requirements of this milestone. Your research proposal will be loosely based on the research outline you prepared for admission to your degree, but will provide a more comprehensive guide to the literature, method, methodology, structure and timeframe of your research.

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