Customer Reviews: Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 500 GB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive WDG1U5000

ADDENDUM: We have four of these - the one holding my backup of photography and other important items simply DIED. The head crashed onto the disk, making it impossible to retrieve any data. YES I know I should have had TWO backups of everything, and now I do. But I've lost a lot of precious files. Also, it was the NEWEST one of these which died!!! The older ones are still working. I have switched to Seagate Free Agent PRO drives at the suggestion of the company I had trying to recover my data. These drives are cheaper AND offer automatic backups! So, if I could, I'd change the stars here to ONE. And warn everyone, don't rely on any ONE drive for a backup if you have files you really don't want to lose. I'm still using the My Books we have, but have duplicated the files onto the Seagates. This way if

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any one drive dies, I'll still have my files elsewhere. A HARD LESSON LEARNED. Here is my original review unchanged:Like another reviewer, this is my third "My Book" usb drive. For my machines, I just plug in and go. My husband's machine is a server, and he had to do some messing around with it to get it to work with his machine, but he's one of those people who are obsessed with screwing around with everything on a computer, so my guess is he's atypical. Even so, it works fine for him, too.

My only problem is that I can't seem to map to it from other machines on the network, so retrieving files is at times a bit tedious as I copy them to an accessible internal drive for transfer. Even with this, though, I love the 'Book". They're quiet, not REALLY fast but that's to be expected with USB, and quite stable.

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