Cracking the AP U.S. Government & Politics Exam, 2015 Edition (College Test Preparation)

Impeccable. Need I say more? Whether you need a study guide to use in conjunction with the class, or last minute resource for the AP exam, this is the book for you. While I didn't use it for the former, I did use it extensively for the latter. Thus, this review will speak of my experience using this book to study for the AP US Government and Politics Exam. Unlike the AP textbook you'll likely receive in class, this book is terse and to the point. Though it's pithy, it still contains EVERY key term you need to know for the exam; all of which are in bolded text and include a structured, well-organized outline of what each term entails. For example, the chapter on the Judiciary delineates the process by which the Supreme Court hears an appellate case and breaks it down into distinct steps. Not only does each step elucidate the seemingly esoteric process, but it also catalogs the salient terms of each step. Such terms include: amicus curae brief, rule of four, writ of certiorari, judicial conference, solicitor general, attorney general, etc. The point is, this book provides a comprehensive guide to the course yet still manages to

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exclude any futile or excess information. As for the 2 included practice exams, I would contend that their rigor is on par with that of the actual AP exam. After having thoroughly read and memorized the book—a process which took about 8 straight hours— I took each practice exam. First of all, time was not an issue at all: I finished each test in 15 of the allotted 45 minutes. Secondly, I scored 59/60 on the first test, and 60/60 on the second one. My only issue with this book is, as another review previously stated, the practice exams' free response questions are not really representative of those of the real exam's. However, because obtaining actual past free responses is as easy as going to, this issue is not really an issue at all. Though I only took this test a few days ago and have, therefore, not yet received my score, I am COMPLETELY confident that i earned a 5. Thus, for all you students enticed by the prospect of earning a 5, look no further: this book is the panacea to your studies, the only tool you need to succeed.

UPDATE: I got a 5 on the ap test

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