REVIEW: Don’t Bet Against Me by Deanna Favre

Dear Mom:

Book CoverI am going to buy this book for you for Christmas. I know you aren’t a Packer fan and that your idea of relaxation does not include anything that is sports related, but I think this is the perfect book for you. Well, okay, maybe it is more the perfect book for me since it seems to marry the love of sports that Dad imparted to me and the love of reading for which you are responsible.

However, I think you will find that you have some things in common with Deanna Favre – that all women will find something familiar in Deanna’s story despite the fact she obviously is married to a living legend. Deanna was a single mother, pregnant at the age of 19 and in community college on a basketball scholarship. She struggled on a daily basis to pay her bills, care for her child, and simply exist. Favre was in college too and making no money and neither family had an excess of funds that could ease Deanna’s way.

Faith is a big part of Deanna Favre’s life, much as it is in yours. At her lowest points in life, whether it was from her relationship with Brett or from her cancer, she was able to gain strength by drawing from her well of faith. I know that you’ve had some low points in your life, as we all have, and that faith has been your bastion.

Our lives have similarly been touched with people suffering from cancer and tumors and dying, as everyone’s has. It is always inspiring to see someone conquer those deathly cells. I will caution you though, that this book is slim on the breast cancer issues. The discovery, treatment and recovery take up only a few pages. Instead, it seems that the biggest problem in Deanna’s life was

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Brett Favre. She details the struggles that she went through when Brett was addicted to drugs and alcohol. She learned some hard lessons on the concept of tough love. Brett would not be the man he is today without Deanna.

In some ways, as I said previously, Deanna is like an every woman. She’s had to pinch pennies and deal with a difficult partner who made her life miserable from time to time; she’s been ill; she’s been in marital trouble; she’s suffered from terminable shyness; and had to rely on herself to make it to see the next day. She’s strong and inspirational not just because she conquered breast cancer which is almost a luck of the draw, but because she’s been able to overcome all the other challenges in her life that are so familiar to the everyday woman.

Deanna is doing alot of good, though, speaking out about the importance of early detection. Her cancer appeared at the age of 35 and was small enough to be excised through a lumpectomy. I know of several women who weren’t so fortunate. Deanna is also committed to helping obtain good and affordable health to individuals diagnosed with breast cancer who are uninsured or underinsured.

Don’t Bet against Me! is one part autobiography, one part devotional. I think, given your strong faith, that you would find this to be a uplifting book. It probably is a book most Packer fans will want to read even though we’ve heard all these stories before in the newspaper and on TV. I don’t know how inspirational it will be to breast cancer victims and survivors because those passages are so slim and Deanna seems to skimp on the the emotional and physical drain it must have been. C+

Love ya,


No ebook for this one. I had to go to the bookstore! and buy the hardcover!

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