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Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage(amazon link)


Dr. Kevin Leman

The Basic plot or story of “Sheet Music” by Kevin Leman

I’m not ashamed to say that sex is one of my favorite subjects. There is little I don’t like about sex between a married husband and wife, Whenever someone asks me, “Dr. Leman, whats the best position for sex?” I always respond, “ Anyposition is good if it gets the job done!”

In ‘Sheet Music’, Kevin Leman gives a crash course on sex between married couples. Beginning with husband and wife before their marriage, he walks  through the first night together, all the way to the golden years!

Leman covers everything you might think of  – sexual positions, oral sex, ways to spice up love making, orgasms – if you have thought about it, its in here. But it is brought up in a tasteful way that doesn’t get out of hand.

What Can You Apply Right Away?

While Kevin Leman only mentions 5 positions for sex (you can probably think of them all if you

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try), his chapter on “Thirty-One Flavors – And None of Them Are Ice Cream” is a great idea generator on how to bring fun and play – and romance into your marriage bed.

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‘Too Pooped To Whoop’. Not only does it have an awesome title, the chapter deals with what happens when other things zap your sex life. Leman talks to the husband about loving his wife outside the bedroom when she isn’t in the mood, and also adds tips for the wife when her husband isn’t in the mood. (I guess this happens…somewhere!?)

The Big Wrap Up

I was really excited when my wife picked this book up at the bookstore. I was sure to have great sex from that day forward! Of course, I am the reader in our family, and she put the book down after a couple chapters. I realize that I probably needed it more than she did!!!

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