Book Review: Code Name: God

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We must at least ask the question: What could the world of science tell us about the nature of God?

And this is what author Mani Bhaumik proceeds to do in his book, Code Name: God.

I’m shocked that this book isn’t better known. I don’t remember how I came across it, but now that I have, it’s my responsibility to tell more people about it. It will appeal to the Thinker types among you, those that follow the Jnana Yoga path, although the “jnana” (knowledge) imparted in this book is more of a scientific nature than Vedantic jnana.

The story starts off with the author realizing that the rich and famous lifestyle he had so long dreamed of, doesn’t make sense anymore, now that he’s living it. He is a multimillionaire, thanks to being the scientist who invented the laser technology that went into making Lasik a household name – he owned 6 mansions in Bel Air, threw parties for political and Hollywood royalties, and once dated Eva Gabor. He’d made it. But he knew something was missing…

And so goes Mr. Bhaumik’s saga starting from his boyhood in Bengal, so poor that he didn’t own a pair of shoes until he was 16. His

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father was a school teacher who gave up his job to serve his country under Gandhi’s guidance, and so he was brought up by his grandmother who encouraged him to go to school, from where he went on to apply to a prestigious college in India, and then onto UCLA where he received a Sloan fellowship to pursue science.

The first half of the book is a fascinating tale of poverty, industry, and sheer grit. The second half of the book is even more fascinating, when he dives into the magic and mystery of pure science – bridging the gap between science and God, and bringing us to a point to where the two meet. Mani Bhaumik has a beautiful way with words, explaining in plain (almost poetic) English, what science is striving to say in its clunky gotta-get-this-right jargon.

I’d recommend Code Name: God to any seeker of spirituality (who wouldn’t want to have more questions answered about God’s playing field!?), with a caution that it might not appeal to you if reading science makes your nose screw up in dismay :)

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