Through My Eyes


I got this as a Christmas present and read it in less than an hour. A riveting, truthful and insightful read that reinforced my support for Cheryl. As such a strong character Cheryl has endured much and has never changed her beliefs of her true self for the music industry!


I bought this upon release way before her autobiography was released. It is fantastic for the pictures that it contains but anyone looking for any gossip or anything even remotely revealing should steer clear and check out her autobiography. Interestingly considering how massive Cheryl is in the UK this book is apparently in the bargain bin of shops across the UK for £1 and under so you can at least pick up a bargain somewhere!


I thought this book was ok - easy to read but very light. Read it in a few hours whilst watching the TV which is a miracle for me! There was nothing about Ashley or the night club incident, which I was hoping she'd touch on, but I'm sure that will be material for her next one!


I actually found it quite amusing to read, we know more about how things are behind the scenes of filming music videos etc

Liz Dunne

Very easy read which is what I wanted on

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i loved it
i have recently began to admire cheryl cole and i look up to her, this book proves that you may not have the best start in life but if you try and never give up you will achieve!

Katie Harrison

One of my favourite books, stunning pictures.


Although there's not a lot to this book and it's mostly pictures, I actually thought this book was a real insight into what Cheryl thinks about her life and her work. Read it in 6 hours :D


It was OK. Not too impressed not much writing just a load of glossy pictures.

Josephine Dignam

i thought this book was excellent because it had a lot of photos i have never seen before and since it's the only book cheryl has made .... i think its brilliant.


I enjoyed reading this book

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really good book read it recently if you don't like big books, this is for you

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