The promotional material for the latest from Patterson, The Black Book, includes a quote by the author praising his own work

Kunzru's murder mystery is a meditation on American race relations and old-times blues

Former Independent journalist and editor of 'Question Time', Charlie Courtauld wrote a personal diary of his experience of having multiple sclerosis, which was published as a newspaper column and blog, before his death last year

This year's shortlist includes one debut novelist and one past winner 

Author handed out some writing advice to fans on social media

'People didn’t want any more diversity, they didn't want female characters out there'

Just because we get older doesn't mean the life lessons we learn from children's books are any less important. 

Her third intriguing novel about a wife who searches for her estranged husband in a Greek fishing village evokes Rachel Cusk's 'Outline' 

After a three book deal worth £350,000 with Simon & Schuster, best-selling author Dean Crawford self-published his action adventure and science fiction books on Amazon and other digital platforms, with incredible success 

Atwood's novel paints a future US society in which women are denigrated and exploited for their fertility, treated as nothing more than servants or breeders 

Study observes references toPride & Prejudiceauthor in several white supremacist blogs

The September release will be 'non-partisan, non-political'

This energetic debut novel about a jaded

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and alcohol-dependant music journalist who blags a press trip to a music festival in India to investigate his ancestry and has to deal with a dying newspaper industry will take you on a farcical adventure

The Prize celebrates exceptional works of fiction and non-fiction that have breached the worlds of health and medicine

Feminist writer was subject of criticism for comments about the trans woman's experience compared to 'a woman who has lived from the beginning as a woman'

'Chimamanda being asked about trans women is like Lena Dunham being asked about Black women. It doesn't work. We can speak for ourselves,' says critic

Icelandic writer was set to discuss event with the man who raped her after a school dance when she was 16

The way writers drew on electricity to weave their stories tells us much about the history of electricity itself

Part memoir, part cookery book, the drummer-turned-chef charts his background in the music industry and the journey to his first Michelin star, with recipes for his signature dishes

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