BOOK REVIEW: Survival (Chris Ryan) Alpha Force

Book: Survival

Author: Chris Ryan

Rating: 6.5/10

Recommended Age:  12/13-16

Alex,Li,Paulo Hex and Amber are all teenagers on the voyage of a lifetime sailing through the java sea on the Phoenix ,a ship crewed almost entirely by teenagers  investigating the islands and what creatures are on them. But they are A-watch and have a reputation as the worst watch crew on the ship. Hex and Amber continuously fighting , Li being as lazy as possible and Paulo mucking around all the time. Alex is the only one who does the work but always seeks to distance himself from those around him. And when their watch leader has a go at them they decide to steal food and hide in one of the small boats for. Hours later they are in for a shock. They awake  to find themselves adrift in the ocean miles from land, miles from  the Phoenix, the 5 of them are by themselves floating in

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the sea. They arrive on a small uninhabited island and must survive. using all of their individual skills they must survive. With Komodo dragons hunting by the water supply,limited food and no idea when or  if rescue will arrive they face the toughest time of their lives. Then when a komodo bites Hex and modern day pirates turn up there hard lives get even harder. Can they survive? read the book to find out. This is a good book if not exactly in depth. Chris Ryan shows some great survival knowledge but the plot and settings aren't exactly detailed or described in-depth as much as I feel they could be. I would recommended it as it's a great read and Chris Ryan with SAS knowledge makes a survival story that little bit more useful and factual as well as enjoyable. Hope you found this review helpful, The Devonian Book Reviewer

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