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3.0 out of 5 stars A bit dated and now partly a business cliche, but worth a read for the price.

By WorldTravelron June 19, 2015

Kind of dated. This was written in the 1990s, before the impact of social media, social marketing, etc. Customer service principles that sort of stand the test of time but are pretty self explanitory. Take this book with a grain of salt because consumers have changed over the last few years and not all of the customer service techniques are now relevant.I feel the useful points of the book could be summarized in 4 or so powerpoint slides. A few stories that I have heard others mention in customer service webinars or sessions at conferences. Seems like using Disney and Apple customer service techniques has become an industry standard (and kind of cliched) I purchased this book thinking I would do a session on a conference with some of the material but after reading it, seemed sort of clicheed because the

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biggest points are the one every corporate trainer, boss or seminar uses.It's a good read for the price but I would like to see Disney executives prepare a new book like this (not just update the old one).Michael Eisner got a bad rap as Disney CEO, however his focus on customer service and building up the resorts and theme park experience at Disney made what is today one of the biggest revenue generators for the company. I believe that Eisner made some mistakes but overall his decisions shaped Disney to be the powerhouse that they are now. Using his customer service principals in this book will help an organization up their game, so to speak ... if they are not doing the things they should in order to impress their customers.

This book is out of print but easy to find. It's a good read for anyone who works in the customer centered field. However, don't expect to be completely blow away. You will take a few nuggets out of this book but the fact it was written almost 20 years ago does make it a bit of a dinosaur.

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