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3.0 out of 5 stars Full of Errors, but you still want this book at least for the PAT section

By R. Opleron October 2, 2011

I just took the DAT and got a 24 average. I am a former Kaplan employee and I was astounded at how chock full of errors this review book is. I found no less 19 errors and 10 questions on the two practice tests (one online) that had answers that are plain wrong. This is the 7th Edition, but that doesn't mean anyone has ever proofread this thing. You do still want this book because despite being filled errors, it still has value because of how little it costs compared to anything else and because so many other resources are

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also error filled. Believe it or not, even the practice tests put out by the makers of the DAT the ADA have errors in it. DAT resources are expensive, and this book is worth its cost just because of the PAT section. warning: the online PAT test lists the correct answer as "E" several times despite the answer choices only being A-D The online test is a good representation of the actual DAT.For studying I liked:1. (Chad's Videos) for $30 per month2. Kaplan DAT practice Tests (with Errors but cheap)3. ADA Practice Tests (one Free and the other is $37)4. Barron's AP Biology Flash cards ($12)5. Barron's AP Biology book $20ish6. Orgomon DAT Destroyer general book with 3 subjects (Ochem, Math, Chem $150)Products to Avoid:1. Crack the Dat (very poorly written and expensive)

2. DAT Destoyer Math and the OChem (not necessary, the general orgomon does just fine)

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