Where can Prentice-Hall chemistry chapter review answers be found?


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Prentice-Hall chemistry chapter review answers are available at Slader.com. Choose "Chemistry" under "Find Your Science Textbook." Select the appropriate Prentice-Hall Chemistry book edition, and enter the page number of the review in question. The review final answers for that page will appear. Register to view the full solution.

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Prentice Hall calls its most commonly used book "Prentice-Hall Chemistry." It is an interactive textbook. Instructors can get an online code for answer keys. Some keys are also available in the back of the book. Quizlet.com has chapter review flashcards for Prentice-Hall chemistry books. Punchcard.com has downloadable chapter review answer keys. Make sure the answer keys align with the edition of the book being used, or answers could be incorrect.

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