The Emmaus Code

Finding Jesus—in the Old TestamentTo many Christians, the Old Testament is daunting. The stories are familiar enough, the poetry is beautiful, but the size, scope, and sometimes seemingly bewildering collection of archaic laws, history, and genealogies of the Old Testament can make it seem outdated and to a large degree irrelevant.

But according to #1 New York Times bestselling author David Limbaugh, the Old Testament is brimming with stunning insights into the life, deeds, and message of Jesus Christ. The encounter between the risen Jesus and two travelers on the road to Emmaus, Limbaugh argues, is the key that unlocks the mysteries of the Old Testament, showing that its entire purpose is to herald the coming of our Savior.

In The Emmaus Code, Limbaugh reveals:

How hints of Christ permeate the Old Testament's account of creationHow the Old Testament prophets repeatedly foretold Jesus' arrivalHow the numerous covenants between God and the Israelites culminate in Jesus ChristHow the exodus story is loaded

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with Christian imageryWhy the Old Testament is an indispensable guide for understanding all the events of the New Testament

The Old Testament is not daunting when you have the right guide. In The Emmaus Code, Limbaugh takes readers on a journey from Genesis through Malachi, explaining the principal events and lessons of each book in a way that is open to beginning Bible readers while offering rich insights to more advanced students as well.

As Limbaugh demonstrates, the Old Testament's literary beauty, enduring moral lessons, and historical record make it one of the most extraordinary sets of books ever compiled. And yet, these works contain something more—something even many of their most avid readers fail to grasp. While it is often wrapped in allusions or foreshadowed in symbols, a consistent message courses through every one of the Old Testament’s thirty-nine books: the power, wonder, and everlasting love of our Lord Jesus Christ and His redemptive plan for our lives.

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