Make a Project Book

For this ible you'll need a few things, and here they are:

Microsoft Word -I made a template that can be downloaded, edited, and printed; if you wish to use this then you'll need a copy of Word .

Printer -The book I created prints on 40 sheets of paper, each sheet will then be made into 4 pages in the actual book. This means you'll be making a 160 page book.
Hard Cardboard -This will be used to construct the hard cover of your book. You can buy these at a craft store or find them. I happen to work at a company that throws away a lot of three ring binders. Behind that plastic cover is some great cardboard perfect for making books.
Book Cover Material- In the Book Binding Ible I have referenced you will use fabric to make your cover. I will not do this in this ible. I will be using a plain old brown paper bag which

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is easily obtainable at the grocery store. Feel free to use whatever material makes you feel good about your finished product.
White Glue- I have used white glue in my book binding with great success. Use whatever you wish, but in this ible I will be using the white stuff.
Scissors- Used to cut the paper bag.
Box Cutter- Used to cut through the cardboard. I suppose an exacto knife could be used here as well.
Rubber Band - We'll be using a rubber band to keep our book securely closed at all times. This is optional.
Staples - These will be used to bind your book together.
Common Sense- There will be no political correctness found here. You are responsible for your own actions, this means that if you slice through your hand to your bones with a box cutter it is not my fault. It is your own, you dumb dumb dummy. Seriously though, be careful with this stuff.

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