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Picture Request letters are something that one can put to good use when one has to get some job done or wants something from an official. It can be a letter of request for job interview, an application for scholarship, asking for an intern ship, a stipend from the university, etc. You can also write this letter to your team leader in your company to let you apply for an internal job posting or a promotion.

The purpose can be anything ranging from asking for a promotion within your company, asking for a transfer for some personal reasons, asking for some information which you do not have access to, requesting for an interview, requesting a reconsideration, requesting for a recommendation letter.

  Request Letter Sample
Jennifer Parker
Grade 10 Student
Section B
Central School N

Date : 05/25/15


Central School N
New York NY

Subject   : Request for rechecking my Chemistry answer sheet of May 2012 (final examination)

Respected Sir,

I write to you with a lot of hope and an earnest request. I am due for getting inducted in the Air Force on June 30, 2012. However, the only thing which will stop me from joining the air force is my mathematics marks. Sir, I request you to kindly get my answer sheet re-evaluated as I am very sure I had written it well.

I have cleared the National Defence Services Examination and appeared for the selection interview too. I have attached the letter from the Air Force Headquarters along with this letter. If I am able to fetch 60% marks in Chemistry, I will fit into their criteria.

Sir, my future lies in your hands now and yet I can only request and hope for the best. In case, it is not possible for do the needful Sir, I shall remain obliged to you for at least considering this letter of mine.


Yours faithfully,

Jennifer Parker
Roll No. 1248

 With this request letter example as a guideline, you can draft your letter and do remember to furnish any documents you mention in the letter.  

There are so many things that are taken into consideration when it comes to getting a job. From our side, we just consider the educational qualifications and professional experience, but the employer who invests on us, actually looks for many more things. The employment verification letter is one amongst those things.

Once one is past worrying getting called for the interview, while hunting for a job, one probably restarts worrying about the employee background check. The procedure involves checking the employee's performance, behavior, punctuality, etc. Verification letters are important for completing the formal procedures of getting some documents for updating information in some offices. The content of the letter is formal and has some specific details regarding employment like affirming that the person (issue) does work in one's organization.

Good organizations pay a lot of attention to the procedure and often they ask for the verification letter too. It has details like the designation, the joining date in that company, the tenure served, etc., along with the salary figure. See the following for a sample. There is a set format for writing like   how to write a letter   and issuing this letter. The content consists of the following things:

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  • The letter is written on the company's letter and is duly signed by an authorized person
  • The language of the letter is formal and typical. It just states a few things
  • The sentences are concise and the content precise too
  • It has limited information and yet it is detailed as far as professional data is concerned

Sample Letter for Employee Verification

 Stamp Head of the Organization
Contact Number and e-mail Address

Addressee (Optional, if it is known) OR

  To Whomever it May Concern

 We affirm that Mr. / Ms. ________ has been working with us from ________ till ________. He / She holds the designation of ________ from ________ (mention the date from which the person has been handling that particular designation). The total tenure of his / her association with us as an employee has been ________.

The monthly remuneration of Mr. / Miss. ________ is ________.

  Name of the Issuing Authority

(authorized signatory)
Designation of the Authority


Hence, the employment verification letter format is as given in the example above. The length of the letter is restricted to just one page. In some cases, the date of issue is important, so while getting the letter, you may want to take a note of the same.



The below drafted business reference letter will definitely help you to understand how a business reference letter is drafted.


Business Reference Letter

 Jay M. Smallwood
Product Manager,
Seltec Pvt. Ltd.
1234 Wayback Lane
Brentwood, NY 11717

May  4, 2015

Reese Powell
TMR Corporations Pvt. Ltd.
666 Industrial Zone
Brentwood, NY 11743


Dear Mr. Powell:
This letter is regarding a business reference that I wish to make for your company. In our meeting that took place in your office last week, we had discussed about the bad quality of raw materials delivered by your contractor. Our company has been using the service of Perfect Contractors for the past six years. They are one of the best raw material providers in the town and provide the best service.
Our company was facing the same problem as yours some years back. The quality of the raw materials provided was of no standard because of which the overall production quality was low. The sales of our product wasn't increasing due to the consistent delivery of bad products and customer complaints. We than decided to change our contractor. One of my colleagues knew about this contractor and we decided to hire him and within a weeks time he effectively managed the schedules, timings, and requirements of our company. Also, the quality of the goods provided by him were the best in the market which helped us in enhancing our overall production.
Our company managed to earn greater profits from then and also received many customer appreciations for our products. Thus, I recommend you to refer this contractor for better delivery of goods.

Jay M. Smallwood

The above drafted sample reference letter will guide you regarding   how to write a business letter   for reference.

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